The following answers quoted here are responses Raphael gave to a number of questioners over time. They offer us quite an insight as to his position of consciousness.

Questioner (Q): Could you tell me who you are?
Raphael (R): I am you.
Q: Can you tell me your age?
R: I do not have the concept of time.
Q: Was Traditional Knowledge handed down to you in India?
R: Knowledge does not depend on space and time.
Q: Do you believe you are an Enlightened One?
R: The ego believes to be this or that; when the ego is gone, all problems of distinction and qualification are also gone.
Q: Gurus generally state that their method is the best and that their Knowledge is the only one leading to transcendence. Do you too believe that your method and your Knowledge are the best?
R: I have no ego who might affirm such things.
Q: So, who is Raphael?
R: Raphael is the Essence of the Doctrine.
Q: But who is the individual person standing before me?
R: What you see with your sensorial sight is, in fact, the Doctrine.
Q: What is the “Pathway of Fire”?
R: It is the art of discovering oneself.
Q: But what does this “Pathway of Fire” rest on?
R: It rests upon Traditional Knowledge.
Q: Was it you who invented this kind of Knowledge?
R: Traditional Knowledge is Reality itself.
Q: Did Raphael have his own guru?
R: Of course.
Q: Can you tell me the name of your guru?
R: This is the point: name and form; this is all one looks for: We often lose sight of Reality which is Brahman.
Q: Without someone to guide me I may get lost, will you be my guide?
R: You already have your own guide. What other guide do you want?
Q: Sorry to contradict you, but I have no guide.
R: Why do you say so, if your infallible guide is right within you?
Q: Can you show me the way to find my inner guide?
R: All you have to do is to look within yourself, to question yourself; you only have to become aware of the fact that you are the atman.
Q: But why won’t you help me remove my ignorance? I would certainly find it easier this way.
R: I am already within you; Raphael is yourself, Raphael is all of us. To ask something of Raphael is to ask it of oneself. Raphael is a state of consciousness.
Q: How can I evoke Knowledge?
R: I could ask you: how did you evoke ignorance?
Q: Raphael, will you or will you not help me in my sadhana? I’d like a precise answer.
R: Is it possible that your nature, your real essence refuses to reveal itself? I don’t think so. Maybe it is your ego that has not understood and does not know how to properly question itself.
Q: But if my ego is full of ignorance, what decisive answer can it give to me?
R: Now we are on the right track. Ego is ignorance, while the Self is Knowledge; therefore you must look for the Self. Self is Being-Intelligence-Fullness.
Q: And how do I find the Self? As you can see, we are going back to the original question.
R: By dying to ignorance. And how can you die to ignorance, if ignorance is always chattering away and biting its own tail? No correct and fair answer can come from an ego that is ignorant. If we wish to stand still while we are walking, what should we do?
Q: We should stop, stand still, stop walking.
R: Very good. So why don’t you stop and stand still? Why don’t you nail down your mind-ignorance to silence ?